Saturday, 15 March 2008


Evan said...

I really love your work, I found it through Connor's blog. I'm definitely going to keep following your work.

Seriously, great stuff!

Ian McQue said...

Thanks Evan, that means a lot.

Tried checking out your sketch blog, but it was a no-go for some reason.

I really like the idea of the studio challenges you and your pals have got going on, though. Some top work over there. I'd like to try the same thing in our studio, but i fear my colleagues will find motivation... difficult (are you reading this, you lazy scumbags??).

Anyway, thanks for the kind words, man.

Evan said...

Hmm, that stinks that my blog link didn't work. I just updated the blogger, so maybe that messed things up. The link is

Otherwise, I have just about all of my work for about 2 1/2 years on this:

Thanks for the compliment on the studio challenges. That kind of fell apart because some of the folks got lazy, and it fell by the wayside when only a couple of us were consistently posting. I'm in a different studio now, and we're trying to do something like that once we launch our website.

Again, love your work!

paul simms said...

Ian, how are you doing been following your blog for a while now the landscape pics are stunning i can see another path opening up in your career very soon i think people would be queing up to buy these. What happened with your Dominance War entry? I also entered it with a very similar theme to yours but had to give up when Susan wanted the kitchen redecorated :( anyway fantastic stuff your blog has become a definite Monday morning checker. Take care.
Paul Simms Realtime Worlds

Rick Stirling said...

I'll go for it, even toguh I can't draw.

How about a drink n draw social club? we go to the pub and drank. And draw.

Ian McQue said...

Were you drinking when you posted this?

jez fuggle said...

Hello Mr Mcque, first time blogger long term friend. As usual I am extremely impressed by your work, and equally impressed by the sarcastic responses. Keep up the good work and see you on the 7th June.